What we do:


  • Assess nursing accessibility of office
  • Set up nursing-friendly spaces
  • Provide necessary equipment + supplies
  • Suggest physical design improvement

How it benefits you as an employer:


  • Create friendly work atmosphere for breastfeeding mothers
  • Remove barriers for mothers to return to work
  • Reduce stigma around breastfeeding in the workplace

Our lactation specialist, architect, and management consultant will help you design a truly welcoming environment for new mothers…

Kate Spivak IBCLC

Kate Spivak IBCLC

Managing Partner

– Helped dozens of breastfeeding mothers return to work

– Designed multiple breastfeeding-friendly workspaces and offices

Jenny Peysin

Jenny Peysin

Architect Lead

– Modernist philosophy, our process brings light, natural materials and clarity of detail to every scale of the project

– Runs a Brooklyn-based full service architecture and design firm

Max Spivak

Max Spivak


– C-level management consultant

– Start-up and business operator