As my breastfeeding journey with Allison comes to an end, I reflected on everything that happened in the past year. Breastfeeding is a wonderful, natural process but it is definitely not easy. In a way, all the challenges I had in the past year made me a better lactation consultant. I’ve experienced many different problems and uncertainties that my patients face. This made it easier to relate and explain these issues when I encounter them in my practice.

When it comes to breastfeeding, Allison taught me patience and perseverance. She was born via C-section and my milk took longer to come in than usual. My nipples are flat and she had a mild tongue tie. I had engorgement, mastitis, low milk supply, and cracked nipples. I breastfed exclusively and then also pumped exclusively (after several very painful biting incidents.) I’ve done it all.

Allison was the ultimate test in becoming a lactation consultant and, although I don’t get a certificate for it, I think we would both agree that I passed.