When Allison was 10 months old, we (my husband, daughter and one of our best friends) went to Greece for a wedding.

First of all, everyone I came across during the trip was very nice and supportive. I pumped in the plane, in the car, at historic monuments, and in restaurants.

I thought I was prepared for the journey, but one of the things I did not consider was the plug. We had a converter for the outlets but the pump works using a different voltage. It took me a second to realize the plug was smoking. That was followed by panic. First we ran the pump on batteries, collecting them from remotes, the hotel concierge and bodegas outside. My husband  found a Medela store in Athens and I thought my troubles were over. When we arrived at the store, the very nice Medela representative told me that they did not have a new cord for my pump because they haven’t used this model in Europe for over 3 years (!?!?!?!?). That was disappointing.

The good news is we figured out a solution – we bought a universal adapter with adjustable voltage. I used it for the rest of the trip.

Pumping on the plane – with Allison sleeping in the bassinet seat

Improvising when there is no fridge and you are in scorching Greece